Group Past Life Regression

​Sunday October 14, 2018, 10:00 am - noon

The Chrisalis, 625 Chemin des Erables, J0X 1A0

(near Wakefield, Quebec)

Investment $45

Pre-requisite: none 

Are you interested in Past Life Regression?
Would you like to know who you were, where you lived and what you did in a Past Life?
Do you want to visit a past life to resolve a problem in your present life?​

In this group setting, you will experience wonderfully relaxing hypnosis as I gently guide you to a journey to the past.
During this group session, your subconscious mind chooses a past life for you to remember and you are able to see, hear and feel your past life as if you are really there, recalling details of how you look, who and where you are, what year it is and what you are doing, etc.

Whether you come with an intention or question that you may want answered, or simply show up and let your higher self-guide you to a relevant life from the past, you will take away information and healing that will benefit you in your life today.

What you will find in this workshop:

  • Explanation of Past Life Regression, Higher Self and Life Between Lives
  • Hypnosis to guide you into a past life
  • Experience the past life memories as if you are there
  • Gain insights and understanding to resolve current problems

Items to bring with you: Pen/Pencil, notebook, yoga mat if you prefer lying instead of sitting in a chair

In order to ensure the comfort of all participants, please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, hand or body lotion, scented hand sanitizer, etc… 

Nathalie Lelièvre

Wellness Practitioner

Tel: 1-613-402-6277