Due to Covid-19, all appointments are online.  Email Nathalie for more detail. 

email: nathalie@atyourbestottawa.ca

​​Working with me 

When you work with me, you receive one-on-one consultations where I will provide you with a personalized meal plan, recipes, grocery list, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle suggestions.

The initial consultation takes around 1.5 hours and we discuss your main health concerns, review a health questionnaire that you complete prior to your appointment, and discuss your goals and how you can be your best self. There are three follow-up appointments scheduled every week and they last about 30 minutes. We use this time to discuss your previous weeks, the recipes, your likes and dislikes, cooking tips and tricks, and we find solutions to some of the challenges you may be experiencing. 

Nathalie Lelièvre

Wellness Practitioner

Tel: 1-613-402-6277

E-mail: nathalie@atyourbestottawa.ca